Our Technology

Our Science and Therapeutic Potential

  • ACE2 is an  important enzyme within  the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) that converts Ang II(1-8) to Ang (1-7) as one of several biological actions. 
  • By shortening the amino acid sequence of ACE2 we created a smaller molecular size protein than the natural native ACE2 enzyme allowing better kidney delivery and ensuing direct action on the kidney.
  • We have created fused proteins that confer prolonged duration of action with high plasma ACE2 activity extending beyond 3 days.
  • ACE2 /angiotensin-(1–7) axis counteracts the negative effects of the RAS observed under pathophysiological conditions such as acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease and diabetic kidney disease. 
  • In addition to treating Kidney disease, our proteins may be useful to treat COVID-19. The rationale is based in the fact that ACE2 protein is the natural receptor used by SARS-CoV-2 to  enter the cells and cause COVID-19.
  • By blocking the spike glycoprotein of the virus from entering the cells with our ACE2 proteins, we have shown protective effect in human cells and are about to test them in vivo in animal models to demonstrate protective benefit by reducing viral replication and multi-organ injury.

The Company Products:

ACE2 Variants with Prolonged Half Life

  • Novel ACE2 variant with a shorter amino acid sequence and smaller molecular size than the  natural ACE2 protein which allows for better delivery to the kidneys 
  • By combining ACE2 variant with other tags, the duration of action has been increased from  hours to days thereby making the ACE2 variant better for therapeutic  use