Market Opportunity 

  • 38,600,000 Infected Worldwide and growing each day (as of 10/1/2020)
  • 1,090,000 Deaths attributed to COVID-19 (as of 10/1/2020)
  • In US alone, nearly 7.9M infected and over 216K deaths
  • Few approved therapies (emergency use only) and additional therapies are expected to be needed prior to availability of vaccines even when vaccines become broadly available and effective
  • Only Disease Modifying agents are showing some success
  • Coronavirus Family is and will be with us for decades and beyond
  • New Therapeutics are needed even if the vaccine is effective

COVID-19 causes severe organ damage and high mortality  

  • Disease negatively affects the lungs, kidney, liver and cardiovascular system and progresses rapidly and has high mortality 
  • ACE2 is the main receptor for  SARS-COV-2  such that the virus can enter ACE2 expressing cells, but not cells without ACE2 receptors

Our ACE2 Variant binds to SARS-COV-2 and thus prevents it from binding to the full-length membrane bound ACE2; this prevents the virus from entering the cells. The extended duration of action is key to prevent viral escape

Administration of ACE2, in addition, can restore the RAS and bradykinin alterations

Angiotensin Therapeutics and our ACE2 Variant with extended duration of action could be transformative and we have evidence that our protein can block infectivity in human cells