Daniel Batlle
Daniel BatlleFounder & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Daniel Batlle is currently the Earle, del Greco, Levin Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University, where he has been a Professor of Medicine since the late 80’s and past Nephrology/ Hypertension Division Chief for 18 years. He has written over 250 scientific publications and 70 book chapters. Bench research currently involves the study of the renin angiotensin system and enzymes that degrade angiotensin 2 such as ACE2 and its potential therapeutic use. The lab has generated a human ACE2 variant and have fused it with the albumin binding domain to extend its half-life to render it more suitable for the treatment of kidney disease. Since ACE2 is the main known receptor for SARS-Co V-2, the lab is testing the potential therapeutic use of our novel ACE2 variants acting as “decoy” receptor to intercept the coronavirus. These proteins have been licensed by Northwestern University to Angiotensin Therapeutics.

Dr. Batlle is the founder of Angiotensin Therapeutics and currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer.