Cory Gutterman, MD
Cory Gutterman, MDCEO
  • Mr Gutterman is Head of Business Development for Medical Research Network, a company that specializes in providing home care services for clinical trials.
  • Has 20+ years of combined experience in both the academic and pharma industry across a variety of top tier Pharmaceutical companies, CRO and Clinical Support organization.
  • Held senior roles in Clinical Development, Clinical and non-clinical Outsourcing and Business development.
  • Has participated in the successful development of 7 NCEs
  • Co-owner and Consultant at BioPharma Resources, LLC since 2010.
  • He leverages his 20+ years of pharmaceutical industry and 10 years of academic medical research experience to provide clients with best in class services related to clinical outsourcing, process improvement and clinical trial management and operations.
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and a master’s degree in public health.